Wednesday, July 23, 2014

{TOTALLY YOU VENUES} Campus Weddings

Contributed by: Chloe Mark

Choosing one location that fulfills each requirement on your checklist for both your wedding ceremony and reception can be daunting - especially when every new couple seems to be creating new standards for a beautiful wedding setting. You and your partner debate: Do you say yes to an outdoor wedding, risking bad weather? And no to two different locations for reception and ceremony, not wanting your guests to have to drive the distance? Yes to a more creative location, even though you have always wanted to get married in a traditional church? The variety of viable venue options goes on and on until you feel quite undecided...

Our resolution for this predicament? A campus wedding. 

     University of Minnesota Engagement, Jim Woolsey Photography

1) Many Variations: Yes, we know it’s been done before, yet the variations on this venue are vast! You can get married in a grand historic church and still have your reception a short walk away in a stunning modern dining venue overlooking the city (as is the case with Campus Club at the University of Minnesota). Likewise, you can welcome your guests to explore the numerous facets of the campus during the gap between your ceremony and dinner - directing them to the campus library, historic campus landmarks or surrounding nature - and still be a quick walking distance from the reception. Regardless of whether or not your love story took place on that campus, once you choose this venue, you can use it to your full advantage in a plethora of wonderful ways. 

     Christ Chapel, Gustavus Adophus College, St. Peter, MN, Brovado Weddings

     Campus Club, University of Minnesota,

    Arboretum, University of Minnesota,

    The Weisman Art Museum, University of Minnesota,

2) Inspirational Platform: With a college as your base, you have extra sources of inspiration for your wedding’s theme. You can play off of the school’s themes, your personal “how we met” story, or the sites of the charming surrounding town.

     Minnesota Twins Wedding Cake Topper

     University of Minnesota Garter,

    TCF Bank Stadium, University of Minnesota

3) Picture-Perfect Scenes: The sweet spots for picture perfect moments are endless when you have a campus from which to work. Kate and Jacob tromped all around both their campus of St. Olaf and the surrounding town of Northfield to capture fun photos that convey their love story. They found little ways to incorporate their love story into their wedding and photos. 

       St. Olaf College Wedding, Northfield, MN, Exposed to Light Photography

4) Plentiful in Resources: Many times when working with a college, a partnership with a catering service is already established so you can have fine dining without all the research and extra expense. They also would be equipped with any furniture, linens or decor you may need. 

Great Hall Bon Appetite Catering Services, Carleton College, Northfield, MN,

5) Planting Romance in the Mundane: We all need a little romance added to an otherwise academic setting - don’t hesitate to spice up the college campus by being that adorable couple we all admire from behind our books.

     1) Burton Dormitory 2) Campus Welcome Sign - Carleton College, Northfield, MN,

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